“Info-culture as a strategic goal that should be planned for as the transformation of physical resources, Girman (1988)

Info-culture is a combination of values, attitudes, behaviors, knowledge and skills that conduct to an intelligent use of external information and contributes to the diffusion and correct use of information.” (IGI Global)


Essential Features of the Info-culture:

⇒Wide spread use of micro-informatics.

⇒Much border access to information and communications via digital technology.

⇒Massive increase in the generation of information in variety forms.

⇒Wide spread digitalization of data & document.

⇒Mostly depends on artificial intelligence.

⇒Making a document usable at many points at the same time.

⇒Increasing scope for information marketing.

⇒Trusting global competitiveness.


Initiative Action for the Development of Info-culture:

  1. Creating Awareness & Training: Creating awareness & training are;

a) Information system & societies: It is required to take necessary steps to develop information system & societies, which play key-role in creating awareness about info-culture.

b) Information sources & services: By providing effective sources and information service which would be fruitful.

c) Information technologies and methodologies: It includes – techniques in access to information. The production, processing and searching the information.

d) Legal, ethical and socio-cultural aspects: to development of info-culture in Bangladesh as well as organization have takes initiative by providing sequential education program like secondary level.

2. UNESCO role in the promotion of info-culture:

⇒It should devise and manage an acceptable dynamic blue print for the info-culture.

⇒Info-culture should be regarded as an essential component of UNESCO PGI.

⇒It should take initiatives so that member of countries and leading NGO’s may take active action for the use and development of digital technology.

⇒To take con-committee action to faster and development of real info-culture.

⇒For the nurture it plays key-role by arranging seminar, symposium, conference and workshop at national & international level.

3. Structural measures:

⇒National information policy must be formulated and implemented.

⇒National committee for the development of info-culture should be set up.

⇒Regional group, focal points or center for the development of info-culture should be set up and given financial support to implement information awareness training.

⇒A strong telecommunication infrastructure should be set up also without any delay.

4. Con-committed measures:

⇒Databases and mechanism for monitoring current experience should be establish to in-sure data flow up action to build up experiences.

⇒Special meeting like; seminar, meeting, workshop symposium should be arranged at various level.

⇒Financial assistance should be made available to support information culture.

⇒Financial assistance should be made available to support information culture.

5. Practical measures for information awareness & training:

⇒The creation and development of web site on the internet specially covering the information culture should be encouraged.

⇒The subject be systematically taught in secondary school.

⇒Training regarding info-culture and its various aspect should be provided at secondary and higher-level education program.