The term Quality is often used but it is hardly defined. Its relative terms are efficiency, value, and effectiveness, excellence, benefits, usefulness, etc. In the rest of the article, we going to show you about quality, types of quality, benefits of quality, and the quality of an information product and service.

Definition of Quality:

Some of the necessary definitions of quality are given below:

The conventional definition is ‘one that wears well, is well constructed and will last for a long time’ and the strategic definition is ‘meeting customer requirements’.

According to Webster’s New World Dictionary, Quality is ‘physical or non-physical characteristic that constitutes the basic nature of a thing or is one of its distinguishing features’.

According to Crosby, Quality is ‘conformance to requirements’.

According to Younger, Quality is ‘the goodness of the results, whether product or services as judged by customer’.

The British Standard 4778, of 1987 defined Quality as ‘the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs’.

According to Debashis Sarkar, Quality of a product or service is the ability of the product or service to meet customer’s requirements. Here the customer is the real authority who can clearly dictate the quality of a product or service provided.

Types of Quality:

Quality of a product/service may be of three types, namely:

  1. Quality of Design- is related to the development of a product/service that suit customer needs at a given cost, and the development of specifications.
  2. Quality of Conformance- refers to the extent to which the organization can produce a product/service with a predictable degree of uniformity and dependability at a given cost.
  3. Quality of Performance- deals with how the quality characteristics determined in quality of design and the quality of conformance are performed in the products/services offered.

Benefits of quality in Library:

According to Ann Lawes provision of quality product and services to the library users will bring several benefits:

Benefits of Quality in Library - Quality  | Types of Quality | Benefits of Quality in Library | Quality of an Information Product and Service


Briefly, the benefits are:-

  • Quality service reduces problems and complaints from users and staff.
  • It increases the user’s loyalty through satisfaction, leading to increase services and attract potential users.
  • It increases the opportunity for maximum use of services
  • It enables the staff to identify user needs, and suggest suitable services for users.
  • It increases job satisfaction and morale, commitment, good relation with employers, etc. to the staff.
  • It enhances the library’s image, reduces the cost of service, and overall performances.

The Quality of an Information Product and Service is Influenced by:

i. Environment: The cozy and inviting atmosphere in the library attracts users, which will ensure better utilization of resources and services of the library.

ii. Library Resources: Library resources should be capable of meeting the varied requirements of the users.

iii. Library Aids: Library should have proper aids to help the users and staff to meet their requirements.

iv. Library Staff: The library staff should be available in adequate numbers and have good qualifications, experience, and expertise.