Consumers’ expectations of green products are increasing because of some reasons related to environmental and health issues. Green products are defined as a product made using environmentally safe ingredients by a company that applied green practices and the products have been eco-certified by a recognized organization. Green products are defined as pollution-free products and can be conserved to ensure the sustainability of the environment. Excellent awareness of green products has led industries to pay attention to their operations to fulfill customers’ needs for green products. The raw material, the process, and the waste generated from daily activities would be the concerns of industries with green practices. In this article, we are going to know about the Factors Influence Green Consumption Decisions.

Factors Influence Green Consumption Decisions:

“Green Consumption” on the other hand, is normally related to environmentally responsible consumption where consumers consider the environmental impact of purchasing, using, and disposing of various products, or using various green services. There are many Factors Influence Green Consumption Decisions. Some factors are explained below-

1. Economic Factors: A green consumer may think about economic values like

    • Low price.
    • Low price for any complementary products.
    • High price among competitions and substitutes.
    • Increase real income.
    • High promotional expenditure.

2. Cultural Factors: Consumers in different countries will be influenced by different cultural norms and values relating to the environment and society. These may lead to very different patterns of green consumer behavior.

3. Social Factors: Green consumers may be influenced by social factors in consumption decisions. He will always consider the social benefits of using the product that will reduce bad effects on the environment, factors like-

    • Social standing
    • Acceptance
    • Prestige
    • Life stage, lifestyle

4. Psychological Factors: An important psychological dimension in green consumption is our desire for control. Green consumers always think about the psychological side to use a product. Like-

  • Perception: Before buying a product a consumer may perceive the product. He will think about the benefit, use, and social recognition of a product.
  • Learning: Learning influences green consumers. A green consumer learning expedience may help in changing a product to buy. According to learning, green consumers choose products.
  • Motivation: Motivation may influence green consumers. They know what is good and what is bad for the environment. Motivational factors may drive them to buy the right product for the right uses.

So these are the factors that influence green consumption decisions. A green consumer considers the above-mentioned factors in the green consumption process.


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