Knowledge Management (KM) may simply be defined as doing what is needed to get the most out of knowledge resources.

Knowledge Management (KM) can broadly referred to as the process of creating, utilizing, sharing and managing knowledge and information within an organization to achieve somethings. In the rest of the article we are going discuss about  “how we can achieve Quality Education through the knowledge management”


Types of Knowledge Management:

Knowledge Management Activities:

— Knowledge Collection

— Organization

— Data protection and presentation

— Sharing  of Knowledge


Quality Education?


Objectives of Quality of Education:

 To provide meaningful employment

 To create significant economic value

 Optimize impact of healthcare solutions

  Decision-making skills to a broad audience

 Leadership skills

Strengthen local communities

 Implement green improvements to internal operations


How to achieve Quality Education:

↔ Focus more technical education.

↔ Practical education

↔ Re-design Course curriculum

↔ Teachers training

↔ Teacher student understanding

↔ Public awareness

↔ ICT based knowledge

↔ Use ICT technologies

↔ Develop an inquiry based project

↔ Conduct case study on present education system

↔ Creating knowledge repositories


Process to Achieve Quality Education:


Challenges to Achieve Quality Education:

⇒ Lack of incentives

⇒ Reluctance of People

⇒ Inadequate staff training

⇒ Insufficient tools and technologies

⇒ Lack of sufficient budget / funds

⇒ Misunderstanding of KM concepts

⇒ Lack of a centralized policy

⇒ Cultural challenge

⇒ Lack of collaboration


Recommendation for Getting Quality Education:

⇔ Increase annual budget for education

⇔ Form a permanent “education commission”

⇔ Upgrade primary education

⇔ Build a national training institute

⇔ Form a separate “pay commission”

⇔ Make sure the accreditation council.


Quality education is the key that will allow to development every sector of the society. When people are able to get quality education they can break from the cycle of poverty. It also empower people everywhere to live more healthy and sustainable lives. To achieve quality education knowledge management is considered to be an effective way to enhance the creation and sharing of knowledge.