Md Harun Ar Rashid - Md Harun Ar RashidMd Harun Ar Rashid

To start first I’m grateful to Almighty God who has given me the power to say something about myself. I’m Md Harun Ar Rashid. I’m from Bangladesh. Now I’m 26. At present, I’m a former Student at the University of Rajshahi, and now can say, I know a bit about myself if not everything. As I grew up with my parents, I learned a lot of things to defend myself, to believe in myself adapt to changing or new situations.

To know my strong & weak zone and the potential I have even had. So many rusty things happened to me but the fact is whenever I fall down, I got up with the same mentality and hunger to get away, many things helped me by the way but what helped me most is all the time in the world I am well aware of my ability and I know about my limitations and I know what am doing and where am heading and to be fair I have been honest with myself all my life to add with that I have given my best shot whenever I got my chance, Though I have given my best all the time, I haven’t got the result all the way, at times I was desperate, little tempered, and oozing in confidence without tried that much but again Things helped me that my honesty with myself and face conditions with great dedication, as Am doing so from very early life I will try to do so in coming days too.

Things I like, actually what I want to be honest, punctual, perseverance, helping, kind, to add more I would like to be a man of the highest quality. To be honest I’m not innocent but try to be like that so I try to avoid all sorts of evil deeds. When I have free time, I want to travel a long tour with my friends and spend my time with my family. My hobbies are watching movies, listening to music & surfing the internet.

If you asked me what’s the motto of my life then I will say, I would like to be happy and a nonbeliever of a specific goal. To my aim is a bit philosophic what I believe there is nothing called aim when you’re getting chances, you got to catch it with both hands & try to utilize it properly then the result will come to itself. I’m not telling you that you will be successful with this method all the time in the world, sometimes you will, sometimes you not but who knows maybe far better things to come next. So, don’t be upset, this is what I personally think. So, if you think it’s odd then it’s, this is what made me Harun of these days. This is what makes me feel good and yes am happy with myself.