Holistic Marketing:

The holistic marketing concept based on the development, design, and implementation of the marketing program, process, and activities that recognizes their breaths and independencies. Holistic marketing recognized that “everything matters” with marketing and that broad, integrated perspective is often necessary.

Components of Holistic Marketing:

Four components of holistic marketing are;

  1. Relationship Marketing: is a form of marketing that develops from direct response marketing campaigns that highlight customer retention and amusement rather than sales transactions. It differs from other forms of marketing in that it recognizes the long-term value of customer relationships and expand communication beyond interfering advertising and sales promotional messages with the development of the Internet and mobile platforms, relationship marketing continues to grow as technology becomes more collaborative and social communication channels such as tools for managing relationships with customers move beyond demographic and customer service data collection. Relationship marketing includes inbound marketing, search optimization, and a combination of strategic content, public relations, social media, and app development.
  1. Integrated Marketing is usually the process of adapting your various marketing channels to promote your product or service through your strategy or promotion. Integrated marketing also works to align the primary brand message sent through your marketing channels and resources.
  2. Internal Marketing: is a customer’s attitude towards an organization based on their complete experience with that company and not just on their experience with the company’s products. Any time a customer interacts with an employee affects their overall satisfaction. Everyone from sales clerks to over-the-phone technology support specialists helps shape that customer experience. Thus, customer satisfaction is deeply dependent on the performance of the employees of an organization.
  3. Performance Marketing: is a form of marketing that advertisers provide when they achieve certain results – not before the ad is run. It means a broad term that refers to online marketing and advertising programs where advertisers provide marketing companies when specific actions are performed such as sales, lead, or click. If the publisher and the marketer agree to these specific terms in advance, the publisher runs the ad, whether it be for an application, service, or other product – and the marketing company pays after fulfilling these results. In many cases, this means a certain percentage of clicks or videos were viewed; In other cases, advertisers do not pay unless customers follow the action and, in the case of mobile performance marketing, actually install their application.

Holistic marketing how to works which are given below the following figure;