Roles of Programmer in Creating a Digital Economy:

Today’s world is much different than it was ten years ago. Ten years ago, the Internet was pulsating with talk of ‘Web 2.0’, since then everything digital has continued to grow rapidly. The digital economy includes all the services, products, and businesses on the web. E-commerce has changed the job market significantly as there is a huge demand for website development, website design, copywriting, digital marketing, paid online advertising, and much more. And programmers are responsible for creating this digital economy. They play various Roles of Programmer in Creating a Digital Economy which are:

  • Digital Marketing: There are days of online sales and digital downloads. Marketers are continuing to grow in e-commerce and strive to create several roles for the best target internet users. Digital marketing experts work to create durable online marketing strategies, they want to attract and engage customers with their company’s website, social media, and other digital platforms.
  • Data Analysis: One of the major trends in the digital economy is data collection and processing. The organization will be tasked with data analysis to use both business and technology skills to collect and interpret data related to the organization. Data analysis is responsible for finding patterns and statistics that help inform and improve the decisions of internal and external activities of the business.
  • IoT Solution Architects: IoT or Internet of Things is the most up-and-coming trend in technology. IoT refers to the connected network of devices. This doesn’t just mean a computer network, though your phone will be able to lock your home door or adjust the temperature of your fridge by making a tablet. IoT solution architects thus need to coordinate the integration of technology with physical everyday items.
  • Social Media Manager: Businessmen are looking for professionals who can convey the value of the brand on social media while engaging with the audience through promotions, content, and discussions.
  • User Experience (UX) Designer: User Experience (UX) Designers work to optimize the ease of access and usability of products and websites. In the digital economy, this means creating websites that are spontaneous efficient. UX designers help to make sure the best potential user experience.
  • Inbound Marketing Specialist: Inbound marketers focus on answering customers’ questions and concerns at all stages of the sales process. Search engines like ‘Google’ help enable this marketing. Marketers search for relevant queries and inquiries from customers and create content that helps address those queries and inquiries.
  • Information Securing Specialist: Information security analysts are cybersecurity experts. They work with businesses to protect their computer networks and systems and to take action if security is breached.
  • Freelancer: Freelancer Job Marketplaces include a list of apps and websites such as Fiber, Up-work, Freelancer, and even Craig list. They allow freelancers to showcase their skills, attract clients, and generate flexible schedules.

The digital economy and all its components have changed the world tremendously in the last ten years. Keeping up-to-date with the latest trends and news in the technology world is a start.