User Satisfaction from the Library Perspective: A library plays an important role in providing information services and resources to assist users in their studies and research activities. It possesses information in the form of books, periodicals, audio-visual and electronic media. Users are very important. Libraries exist because of them. They should therefore be satisfied with the service they receive.

Zeithalm and Bitmer (2000) define satisfaction as “the customers’ evaluation of a product or service in terms of whether that product or service has met their needs and expectations. Failure to meet needs and expectations is assumed to result in dissatisfaction with the product or service”.

Satisfaction may lead to users using the services of the library over and over again and even recommend it to others. Humans always communicate experiences, whether good or bad, meaning that if they also receive depraved service they might also tell others about it.

“User satisfaction is considered as a reliable criterion for determining library effectiveness.”

Thakuria (2007) Identified, Different factors which contribute to user satisfaction from the library perspective:

  • Availability of up-to-date information brings about satisfaction in the users, accessing the facility and assistance.
  • The library should organize its facilities to be visible to the users.
  • The library services and resources should be easily accessible.
  • The library staff should be very courteous and friendly in their engagements with the users.
  • The appearance of a library, its facilities, collection, staff, and services should be attractive and pleasant.

This explains the importance of the library’s appearance and its contribution to user satisfaction. The users should find the environment user-friendly and comfortable.


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