An Internship Report on BANSDOC:

The main theme of the internship report is prepared to fulfill the partial requirements for a course on an internship in Bangladesh National Scientific & Technical Documentation Centre (BANSDOC) in Information Science and Library Management. It is the output of the one month long (20 working days) internships in the BANSDOC Library.

An internship is a perfect opportunity to get practical knowledge about any real work concept in an institution. Internship bridges the theory with the practice in any particular field of study. It clarifies the theoretical concept of the students which may not be possible only through class lectures and follow up examinations. The internship gives the students a clear idea about what they learned in the theory and whether these are implemented in the work situation accordingly or with modifications. This work experience helps the students to make them eligible for the job environment.

After the completion of the internship course I have gathered enough experiences about the acquisition, processing, and dissemination of library reading materials, managerial activities, stock verification, library website, website creating, web hosting, E-book making & preservation, E-book uploading in website, the whole documentation process, managerial activities, BANSDOC’s databases and how to retrieve information through it, S & T services, S & T paper clipping, AGORA, HINARI, INSAPERI Consortium, current research project, union catalog, register management, library automation and digitization, Automation software “KOHA”& module description, ‘File’ opening, Digital ‘File’, literature/CD search, information marketing, reprography service, photo-videography, government employees behavior act, etc. which I have shared in a different chapter of the report.

There are also some observations from my point of view which I think would be considered to the authority for the betterment of the BANSDOC. The internship committee divided us into three batches as 35th, 36th, 37th. I was a member of the 35th batch.

An internship is a preliminary training of relevant discipline conducted by any institution where students get to apply their theoretical knowledge by the attachment and direction of present employees within a working environment. An internship is an opportunity for interns for (i) integrate and apply the theoretical knowledge, (ii) Find out whether further competence needed, (iii) Gather knowledge on real job environment and (iv) Become acquainted with the types of work settings in which such competence can be applied.

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An Internship Report on BANSDOC