A Sample of Business Model: Libsapp

  • Our product is connected with Library service to remote access
  • Our software will design on library services under the network environment.

Product Description: 

  • Name of the Product – Libsapp
  • Libsapp is a software that is creating interlink among those libraries to better service than other existing software.
  • Service is providing relevant information which is connecting two or more libraries, online & offline.
  • Services that are offered through the Libsapp
    • Features in both English & Bengali.
    • To create interlinks in different libraries.
    • Easily Customization.
    • Special Features ( translation Services).
    • FAQ ( Frequently Asked Question) & Feedback.
    • Regular Updated.
    • Clients of different libraries.

Why Market in Rajshahi?

  • Resourceful & Interlink.
  • Rajshahi University, RUET, RMC, Rajshahi College & so on.

Market Situation:

  • Libsapp is new & provide better service than existing software.
  • The most popular software that can be our main competitors is the software Libsapp as well as KOHA.
  • We don’t consider this app(KOHA) as our main competitors because It doesn’t offer the same service as we do.

Bases for Segmenting Consumer Markets:

i. Demographic: Educational City but both of Libraries are not interconnected to build up their services, huge collection, level of education.

ii. Psychographic:

  • Busy people, Environmental problems.
  • Value: Time, Health, Hobby.

iii. Behavioral:

  • Max User: Teacher, Researchers.
  • Mid User: students, old people, children.

SWOT Analysis:

a. Strengths: 

  • Quick & Easily Customization.
  • Easy to user Understandable
  • Special Features(Translation Service)
  • Advice, Recommendations & Discussion

b. Weakness: 

  • Brand
  • Figure
  • Cost
  • Limited Geography

c. Opportunities:

  • To attract more users.
  • To create interlink different libraries.
  • To provide Bangla & English features.
  • To provide translation service.

d. Threats: 

  • Competition
  • User Behavior (Aversion)
  • Hacking
  • Technical Problem

Target Groups:

Level 1: 

  • Library Administration
  • Library Staff

Level 2:

  • Teachers
  • Researcher
  • Students
  • Book Lovers
  • Concern about library services (Feedback)
  • Charity Person


  • Our Strategy is undifferentiated marketing
  • We are often for questions,  discussions, comments and in needed complains.
  • Libsapp is always open for everybody who are interested in library.

Connection with Library users:

Connection with Library users - A Sample of Business Model: Libsapp

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A Sample of Business Model – Libsapp