Four things that you need to study every single day if you want to improve your English quickly in a short period of time. This post is going to take steps further, through this post I’m going to answer allowed, most popular questions you put under need all of the posts in different language learning social media like Facebook groups or YouTube Channels or other sites i.e. how do I know which vocabulary I should learn? Or, how can I know where to start with grammar? In what order do I got it so many posts are available on different groups or the other channels or sites but I don’t know which order I follow on questions like how often shall I schedule classes with the teacher? Or another really important question to improve your English quickly, what’s more, important grammar or pronunciation, should I learn grammar first & then I perfect my pronunciation? Or, should I speak in English with perfect pronunciation & bad grammar, which should I do first? We’re going to be discussing all with you in this post how you can improve your English quickly. So, let’s get started:

The first thing is that you should study every single day if you want to become fluent quickly, its pronunciation, with pronunciation, practice makes perfect which is why I’m asking to do it every single day & honest some of the professional teachers’ opinion is that pronunciation should be studied from the very beginning. I’m not sure about your experience with English Teachers, please comment down below if you had a good or bad experience, but I have seen many teachers put a little emphasis on pronunciation & too much emphasis on grammar. We know that so many students or learned persons they have known better grammar, sometimes better than some expert persons but they can’t understand what they are saying because their pronunciation was so bad and by then they had spent so long speaking with bad pronunciation that’s really hard for them to make a change. So, what I’m saying to you, don’t learn grammar first & then introduce pronunciation at a late date, starts with pronunciation, the best thing is to do it’s just study them both in the same time but really make an emphasis on pronunciation because grammar is it a straight set of rules but pronunciation is a lot hard & it doesn’t add it, Correct pronunciation will transform how to you understand other people. Once you know how the word is pronounced you will understand then when somebody says it to you. Most of the learner persons always asked their teacher, why their listening skill so bad & teacher tell them, it’s probably because your pronunciation skill is lacking. You don’t know how to say the words. So, how you understand will someone asked you. So, how can we improve our pronunciation? Well, obviously this posts far too short to teach you absolutely everything but I would say the best place to start is the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet). Otherwise, you can improve your pronunciation listen to how natives speakers that a given and also do some research on the difference between English accents like how to pronounce American people or how to pronounce British people. While you understand the difference, you will be more influenced by the general pronunciation of English.

Right point number two is listening, if you are a good listener in English then you make so many conversations with others in an easy way that’s why your listening skill must be needed better. So, how to nurture your listening skill? That’s a very important question, now you can be developed your listening skill in several ways like seeing English movies with subtitle or seeing YouTube videos like Britain’s got talent, American’s got talent or seeing BBC news or you talk to foreigners which one can speak like native speaker’s in English can help you. That’s the way, you should develop your listening skill and improve your English quickly.

Point number three, it’s grammar, Professional teacher received so many questions about grammar. People seem to be so confused about where to start but I have to tell you sometime following strict order isn’t the best way to learn a language, now you know my saying is don’t wait for someone’s else educated, you educated yourself well, I’m going to the same thing again you need to test yourself, you need to find out where you’re lacking in grammar skill & then you need to fill in the blanks, the order which you need to study grammar or be every different to the order which your friend study grammar & if you get a question wrong or if you get multiple questions wrong then you need to review that grammar topic. If you don’t feel completely the grammar, you need to revise it. You shouldn’t think ah! What the present simple what the first lesson ever heard when I was 10 years old. So, I don’t need to do that, I need to learn the conditional & the subjunctive like a house, you need to have strong foundations, this all about identifying your weak spots and making then strong spots. How can you study effectively? If you don’t know where is your lacking, it doesn’t make any sense but always surprised me how few peoples take this approach to learning grammar. So, you know-how need to do now.

The last topic & possibly the biggest topic, it is vocabulary, lots of people asked the expert persons, what vocabulary they should learn? Well, it all depends on your goal is with learning English. If you learning English simply to pass the exam, if that’s your priority then your priority should be learning the exam vocabulary must examples we have a for list all of the vocabularies you need to know ups to a certain level make sure you have a list cross sound every single word, you immediately recognize then you condense the list of unrecognized words & study from that. Now, the word that notes your curriculum is likely to pop-up and payout exam this is why you need to read around the subject. The exam usually has a set of topics, you might talk about holidays, you might talk about the weather, you might have to talk about the business group, who knows every single day you need to choose a topic & you need to read an article around it that really help you topics specific vocabulary. Now, what if you learning English because you become to fluent, not because you want to take an exam, in that case, the most sensible option for you is to learn vocabulary that you come across in your daily life, now, I have spoken so many times about word dairy, I mention it quickly again, now, on having a notepad or phone less handy on you, every time we see something & you don’t know how to say in English, note it down & then at the end of the day research what they are in English & have list study form, you should make a habit of contemplating conversations you might have you are likely to have with your friend, or colleagues, or your family & consider the vocabulary that you might need to have a successful conversation in those situations of works it might be talking about what you learns, you might be talking about time keeping, you might be talking about meetings, you need to talk about what having for lunch, go on YouTube & search for what are eating? That will be a pity good way taking more vocabulary if you have got to be productive in the way they approach the learning the vocabulary because there is so much to learn. Start you really need & you think to be practice frequently & then slowly expand the things, you are less interested or less likely to use.