A sample of business model Short Description:

  • The product – the website
  • Our company will specialize on books & books delivering from the library operating in Rajshahi people.
  • The target group: students/general public who are interested to read books.
  • Our product is connected with book services in library.

A sample of business model Product description:

  • Name of the product: BooksforAll
  • BooksforAll is a website of books & books delivery which is a combination of both product and service:
    • Product is a website
    • Service is providing relevant information concerning accommodation and reading in library.
  • Services that are offered through the website:
    • Books are different types (noble, short story, poem, science fiction, journals, periodicals )
    • Possibility to create your own likeness to read book.
    • Chat box (feedback from users)
    • Regular Campaigns – books for those who are in need.
    • Link to all the libraries operating in Bangladesh

Market in Rajshahi:

  • Here in Rajshahi hasn’t available too much this types of services.
  • Among the whole Bangladesh our focus is on Rajshahi because of large rate of incoming students every year.

Why Market in Rajshahi:

  • Rajshahi is the educational base city of Bangladesh.
  • Here are being lots of scholar People.

Market Situation:

  • Market connected with web service of books ordering is new for Rajshahi – BooksforAll is reading the Proper Market in Rajshahi.
  • Nowadays – the main companies that can be our main competitors are the websites www.rajshahi.re as well as www.librarian.re
  • The direct link of our site: http://www.students .rajshahi.re/eng/fpage/
  • We do not consider these two websites as our main competitors because they do not offer same services as we do.

Bases for Segmenting Consumer Marketing:

Geographic Rajshahi, Bangladesh
Demographic Minimum income 400$, 10-30 years, children and young people, mostly for middle class, the level of education (at least secondary school)

Personality: People who would like to know as much information as possible.

Life styles: Active life style, energetic.

Values: time, interests, culture.

Behavioral – 1 High quality for low cost (price sensitively)
Behavioral – 2

Nonusers: People who has problem with technological innovations.

Light users: Teenagers who search in the internet mostly for their needed.

Heavy users: Students who interested in reading something new for gaining knowledge(mostly boys)


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Sample of Business Model-Books for All