Online Information Retrieval System is the technique that helps to the users to retrieve their desired information from different machine-readable online databases. We may say, it works to combine computers and use several devices which are networking terminal, communication layer/link, modem, disk driver, and software packages.

Definition of Online Information Retrieval System:

Some important definitions of OIRS are given below;

“OIRS is the techniques of storing and recovering and often disseminating recorded data especially through the use of a computerized system” (Merriam Webster Dictionary)

“OIRS is a method by which a user search information machine-readable database and retrieve their desired information very rapidly and easily” (ALA Glossary)

“OIRS is a software that provides access to books, journals, and other documents stores them and manages the document” (Wikipedia)

From the above definitions, we can say that OIRS is the process that works based on computer instruments to retrieve anticipated information from machine-readable databases.

Characteristics of Online Information Retrieval System:

Some valuable characteristics of OIRS are as being;

  1. Direct Access: Users can directly access online storage to gather desired information to use computer input/output devices and communication channels.
  2. Conventional Mode: It is used to the following media channels i.e. computer, software, network, internet, and so on.
  3. Two-way Communication: A terminal and a server network use to interconnect each other.
  4. Centralized Storage: Whole resources find on the querying method on a centralized database.
  5. Centralized Control: All the process of tasks is controlled by a centralized server.
  6. Rapid Response: This system response in a convenient way when the system receives a new query request from the server.
  7. Real-Time Communication: to respond immediately when a new search query found.
  8. Modern Process: This system follows a modern way to retrieve information from online databases.
  9. Effective Communication: It is an effective way of communication between man and machine.

Merits of Online Information Retrieval System:

This system has several merits, some of them are as follows;

  • To save the time of the readers when they search for their necessary information.
  • The searching process is easy to understand.
  • Current information is available in the storage database.
  • Users can access multi-database to use multiple keywords/concepts at the same time.
  • To serve multi-users at the same time.
  • There have no geographical barriers to search for information from anywhere in the world.
  • Easy to store all of our search results.
  • To retrieve information, form our query as several formats i.e. books, journals, PDFs, documents, format, etc.
  • Searching cost is less than manual searching.
  • It has a resource sharing service section.
  • To prove users’ friendly search logic.

Demerits of Online Information Retrieval System:

Some of the mentionable demerits are given below;

  • High establishment cost.
  • Maximum library users and staff have not enough IT knowledge to run this system.
  • Lack of training facility.
  • Electricity supply problem.
  • Lack of networking and internet facility.
  • Slow speeds of the internet delay the retrieval system.
  • Sometimes it gives irrelevant information.

Finally, we can say that Online Information Retrieval System is the dynamic technique that helps to retrieve the information from the database. Though it has some demerits but it gives us a lot of facilities to retrieve information in a convenient way to use computer technologies.