Do you ever feel like you’re always only doing the things that you’re supposed to do and never find the time to do the things that you love doing or you wish to do? Well, congratulations, you’ve turned yourself into a robot. In this article I’ll share you one simple thing that is help me as productive as a robot but as the same time we remain human and do the things that I love doing. Quite a few things that happening at the same time, lot of traveling, quite a bad flue and so I had to reevaluate my priorities and optimize for the things that was most critical. I guessing myself enough to get better in time for my business trip and that’s precisely what I’m going to talk about today, its “PRIORITIZATION”

We all have a long list of things that we want to do and I’m not even talking about or backup list or something like that just the things we want to do today, even right now but unfortunately, we only have 24 hours a day and there’s only one thing you can do right now, for example, you’re reading this article or may be a few things at a time if you’re very good at multi-tasking but that’s about prioritization. So, what should we do? Just speak any one thing at random keep going and see what happens, may be once in a while I do like stop thinking too much and just do whatever I feel like doing at that moment but if I was acting that way all the time then I’m not sure I would be where I’m today or have you or anyone listening to me, talk quite honestly I would be nowhere, so, you have to look at all the things that you want to do, can do or you need to do and then decided what you should do now and why? As supposed to all the other things in your life and that’s basically Prioritization but you have to talk about all the different aspects and variables into account in your decision-making and that’s hard but here, I’m not even talking about that decision-making process. I’m just saying instead of doing things randomly. If you make a conscious effort to try to prioritize things. You’ll already start to see a huge positive difference and as you keep making these decisions. You’ll learning from it and get better at it over time that’s essentially what I’ve tried to do all through my life and I think it helped me incredibly but of-course it doesn’t have to be that you prioritize and plan every single little thing in your life that would be awful. You’d still only be doing all that you’re supposed to do and there would be little different between you and a robot but I don’t want to be a robot. I love being human, being able to experience.

PRIORITIZATION - Prioritization | How can you Prioritize your  work?

Life is so many more ways but most of all not having been programmed to be predictable all the time and I realized it doesn’t have to be either/or in fact the beauty full thing is more efficient and disciplined. I’m in prioritizing what I’m expected to do more like a robot the more time I tend to have what I can afford to not have to think but just do what even I want to do and be my most human self. Human self is that a thing. Well, I just made it up but you get the idea and sound it all right, right yeah! Anyway, basically what I’m saying is, I feel like the better I can prioritize, prioritize the more of a life. I can believe and in the way I wish to and I have a feeling it applies to most of us and not just me. Ir-respectively of where we are in life or what we do. Alright, so let me share some simple tips as how I try to prioritize the things or tasks that I need to get done. First of all, it always helps to maintain a running list of all the things that you need to do. Some of them will be one offs and some of them will be recurring means may be daily, weekly, monthly or so on. Now at the beginning of the month its useful to spend a little bit of time compiling and prioritizing the things that you need to get done in that month and in the same way its good to do the same prioritization for the week. At the beginning of the week as well as for the day, every morning or the previous evening depending on whatever suits you better and it shouldn’t take too long. Just ten is to daily at most, may be half an hour when you do it for the month but not more than that. If it taking longer than most likely you’re doing it wrong, the most critical part is simply identifying the things that must be done on that day or week or month and make that happen. I tend to try to fit in the things that are most impactful or of create value and then for whatever else, you’re left with in your list, really question yourself, if it didn’t make the cut of being time critical or create value and should you even be doing that. I think this is perhaps the most important step in helping you become more efficient and cut down on things from your life that you’re better off not doing and its all very relative, don’t ever value something from something else’s perspective think about yourself and your life, for example; there are people for whom writing blogs and content is the biggest thing in life. So, for sure they have to prioritize it beyond everything else but I have very different opportunities with much bigger responsibilities and impact so obviously its hard for me to fit this into my list of important things but its something that I’ve love doing and I like. I said before when I’m efficient and disciplined with my prioritization of things that I’m supposed to do then that’s what makes space for me to do all these things that I love doing. Anyway guys, that all for today.