Procedures and Services of Seminar Libraries of Rajshahi University:

The Seminar Library is a very important institution for every single departmental student because they provide reading materials. The purpose of this is to provide educational and entertainment facilities to the students as well. A seminar library set up to quench the thirst for knowledge of the departmental students. Seminar Library also makes students interested in their own departmental studies, enriches knowledge, receives adequate information services on any subject. The seminar library provides us not only reading materials but also research materials. It plays an immense role as an organization to provide better support for those students who are in its own departmental students. In the rest of the article, we are going to discuss the procedures and services of seminar libraries of Rajshahi University.


Definition of Seminar Library:

The word library comes from the Latin word “Liber” which means the place to keep books.

“Seminar Library is a building or room where the collection of books, tapes, newspapers, etc. are kept for people to read study, or borrow. It’s especially build-up for the specific departmental students.” (Oxford Dictionary)

Objectives and Functions of the Seminar Library:

  1. To fulfill the requirement of the students, teachers, and officers of the department.
  2. Making educational materials user-friendly.
  3. to provide exact information on the basis of the user’s demand.
  4. To inform the readers about modern progress and development.
  5. To create a curriculum among the students.
  6. Provide necessary information to student teachers and other staff.
  7. Collect the research papers which done by the students of the department.

Problems of the seminar library:

  •  The professional staff of the seminar library is not enough, so they are not capable to provide better services of the users.
  • Inadequate budget.
  • Budget distribution is not fair.
  • Library resources are not sufficient.
  • There are no specific rules for processing.
  • Long-term services are not available, only immediate services available.
  • Lending books services are not available in all seminar libraries.
  • There are no recent books for job study.
  • The number of users is very low.
  • There is no bathroom or washroom for users.
  • Online services are not available.
  • Wi-Fi service quality is not good.
  • No online database.
  • Paper magazines, periodicals are lacking.
  • Lack of necessary books.
  • There is no system of conservation in a scientific way.


  • Professional staff must be recruited.
  • Budget must be increased.
  • Budget distribution should be done smoothly.
  • Library resources need to be increased.
  • Must provide long term service.
  • Must keep recent / job-related books for study.
  • Increase the number of users.
  • Must provide online services.
  • Wi-Fi service should be increased.
  • Need to provide online database services.
  • Paper magazines, periodicals should be increased.
  • Need to increase the required books.
  • Arrangements should be made for conservation in a scientific manner.
  • Must have a bathroom/washroom for users.

The content of this study is “Procedures and Services of Seminar Libraries of Rajshahi University”. The work is the current condition of the seminar libraries of Rajshahi University, their collection, and use. Through analysis, an overall picture of the needs of the careers, library services, and how effective this service is presented and various recommendations for identifying and resolving various problems of libraries. In addition to highlighting, the overall evaluation of libraries has been initiated. From all this, it is evident that libraries are plagued with various problems and limitations. Among them, some inconsistencies are demand and communication, modern mechanization problems, financial misery, Administrative indifference, planning, and management. Also, the professional librarian has reduced the lack of quality service. For the greater good, all these problems can be solved as quickly as desired on an urgent basis.