Most Useful Daily Life Expressions in English:

Every single day in our life we try to improve ourselves in different ways & English can be one of the improvements that you can make happen if you practice it an appropriate avenue. So, it doesn’t matter if you feel shy or hesitate while speaking this language with others, always keep that in mind only you can help yourself to be better in every aspects of life but sometimes you have to push yourself beyond the norm to acquire this skill in speaking English that’s why I’m here & here to write an article about most useful daily life expressions in English which one helps you to express your opinion to others in a smart way. So, let’s get started;

  1. I’m full, I can’t eat anymore. Actually, when you are eating so much things & you don’t want to eat anymore or you are not feeling interest to eat food that’s time you can say I’m full, I can’t eat anymore.
  2. Your answer is satisfying. When you need to a good answer to your question & someone gave you to answer in an appropriate way or correctly, you are feeling satisfied to the answer that’s time you can say this sentence your answer is satisfying.
  3. It’s wonderful, I like it very much. Sometimes we go outside and see a lot of things which are beautiful & we feel so much happy to watch that. Generally, then we say in this one, it’s wonderful, I like it very much.
  4. Don’t make so much noise, I’m working. Sometimes we are busy to do something’s when someone create noise & you felt bore that’s time you tell this sentence, don’t make so much noise, I’m working.
  5. How many are there in your family? Suppose, you are going to ask someone how many members are live in their family that’s time you can ask him/her this question in smart way like how many are there in your family?
  6. What would you like to eat/see/do? When you & your friend going to a restaurant and you can ask your friend what would you like to eat? Same way you can use see/ do in your appropriate ways.
  7. I’ll see you later, keep in touch. When your friend or some person’s which are closed to you & they are going too far distance to you & meet each other’s in future & you make connection with them that’s time you can say, I’ll see you later, keep in touch.
  8. Should I go this way, or that way? Sometimes we are going to new place & don’t know the actual path to go there that’s time we need some one’s help and then we can ask this question, should I go this way, or that way?
  9. Would you please pass the salt/ remote/key?
  10. What’s the quickest way to get there?
  11. The restaurant/University/Hospital doesn’t open until 9:00 am.
  12. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.
  13. You live here at Jhenaidah, don’t you? Or, you live in London, don’t you?
  14. Would you please give me a hand?
  15. How far is to the university?
  16. Can I take a message for him?
  17. Is there a buss/taxi to the station/airport?
  18. What do you think you are doing?
  19. I can’t believe the word you say.
  20. How long did the movie/show/drama/class/seminar last?
  21. What will the weather be like tomorrow?
  22. Do you know any of those people?
  23. Which do you prefer, reading or writing/listening or speaking/eating burger or sandwich?
  24. I’ll probably stay at home and watch television. /I’ll probably eat burger and sandwich. I’ll to probably go to gym and watch movie.
  25. What do you think of my children/car/plan? What do you think about my future?
  26. See you again in the near future.
  27. I beg your pardon, is this seat taken?
  28. My right arms/leg hurts, it hurts right here.
  29. Which direction is it to the station?
  30. Do you know what time is it?
  31. How many passengers were on the train/buss/plane? How many passengers were in the taxi?
  32. Somebody’s knocking on the door, will I answer it?
  33. Which one of those men is HM Mehedi Hasan?
  34. My friend reads & writes several languages.
  35. I wish I had never met you.
  36. Would you please do me a favor?
  37. Please make an appointment with my manager, when you come to meet me.
  38. What kinds of vegetables do you have?
  39. Whichever you choose, you won’t be satisfied.
  40. The people in Bangladesh/China/Canada/England are very friendly.
  41. Are you used to the food here? I’m used to the food here.
  42. I’m telling you for the last time.
  43. How do you spell your last name/father’s name?
  44. Would you tell me Rubina Yasmin Ruby that I called?
  45. You are just good for nothing.
  46. What do you know about me/this culture/this country?
  47. He bothered me with a great many question.
  48. Take a seat please, make yourself at home.
  49. Could you come back home early this evening/this night?
  50. What do you plan to do you tomorrow?
  51. It’s said a Storm may come next month.
  52. I would rather sleep than watch this movie.
  53. My sister wants to get married in July.
  54. What do you dislike most about this movie?
  55. Will you pick me up at my place?
  56. I gave much time to you.

If you can’t understand which time you do use these types of questions/sentences in your conversions then you can ask me in comment down below, I’ll try to answer.

Hopefully you guys feel interest to read this one, that’s all for today, thanks for your time being.